Aliauto S.A., has a 30 year history as a front line company in its areas of specialisation serving the AUTOMOTIVE and HYDRAULIC sectors and is currently at the leading edge of the international market.

They have various facilities distributed in branches located throughout Andalusia and Morocco that deal with commercial and technical services, plus a repairs workshop with computerised test benches in San Fernando (Cádiz). In other provinces across Spain they also count on partners to help them provide the best possible service to their customers.

Yet again they have turned to Estanterías Record to cover their storage system requirements for their new headquarters situated in Algeciras (Cádiz).


CUSTOMER requirements

Aliauto handles a high volume of light loads for the automotive sector which requires an intensive flow of stock rotation.

They also need to store heavy palletised goods which are used to replenish the various lines of lightweight goods and the storage of end products ready for sale.


RECORD’s solution

The overall storage project for the new headquarters was executed in phases, allowing the customer to conveniently plan for the necessary investment and adapt it to the growth of their business and the company.

For efficient management of their lightweight goods, Estanterías Record proposed the installation of a manual loading solution with elevated aisles, so they could multiply their storage capacity and take full advantage of the warehouse’s height.

In an area measuring 850 m², we installed 25 rows of shelving ranging from 18.5 to 21.5 m long and two elevated walkways with 5 loading levels on each floor, reaching a total height of 7 m.

The access stairways leading to each of the levels were strategically located to make the most of the space available and efficient management of staff access points.

Loading bays were installed in the upper levels to facilitate access for pallets loaded with goods, which could then be manually distributed to the different shelves.

For this project, the aisles in the upper levels were created with panels of nonslip  bar gratings providing two functions throughout the entire structure: firstly, strength and security for the safe passage of personnel; and secondly, they allow light to pass to the lower levels.

In the first phase we installed over 7,000 linear metres of manually loaded shelving and the base structure so that the facilities could later be extended, in a second phase, to over 11,000 linear metres of shelving.

With respect to the storage of heavy and palletised goods, in addition to the manual loading system, but separated by a central aisle, we installed a conventional pallet racking system with different aisles that allows mechanical handling equipment to access and move the pallets.

The pallet racking system has a storage capacity for 540 pallets with a maximum weight of 1,000 kg/unit.

We installed the first phase in just three weeks, while always ensuring that Aliauto could serve their customers and cover their storage needs as quickly as possible.


CUSTOMER advantages


  • Executed in phases: investment in line with the company’s growth.

  • Design tailored to suit the customer’s specific needs.

  • Efficient management of the daily rotation of light goods.

  • Strict control over each of the product lines.

  • Optimum use of the warehouse’s full height.

  • Compatibility between different storage solutions provided in the same building.


PROJECT technical data

Manual loading with elevated aisles
Total linear metres: 7,000 m
Total height: 7 m
No. of rows: 25
No. of aisles: 24
Accessible levels: 3
Access stairways: 8
Loading levels: 11
Max. load per level: 300 kg
Max. load in elevated aisles: 300 kg/m²
Loading level materials: metal panels
Walkable surface materials: nonslip bar gratings


Conventional pallet racking
Capacity: 540 pallets
4 doubles and 1 single 5
Total length: 105 m
Height: 5.5 m
Loading levels: 5
Max. load per level: 3,000 kg
Max. load per module: 12,000 kg
Total max. load: 540,000 kg