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Estanterías Record specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of products created to cover all kinds of storage needs, from simple lightweight shelving to complex racking structures for the most demanding industrial requirements.


We provide complete storage logistics and handling solutions, basing our range of products around the provision of specialised services that include pre-sales consultancy, cost estimates, planning, development and installation of perfect systems tailored to each case.


In addition, we complete our portfolio of services with after-sales consultancy,customer training and technical support, as well as preventive or corrective maintenance and standardised inspections of the equipment once it has been installed. All of these services are provided in accordance with current safety regulations to guarantee the efficiency and performance of the installed storage systems.




The essential character of Estanterías Record is encapsulated by the fact that we are a manufacturer. Given that we control all of the physical development stages, our products are subject to a common design rationale that covers both their individual properties and their performance as an integral part of an overall structural system. Each part is conceived for a specific individual purpose and as part of an integrated and efficient system.


Nowadays, given the frantic pace at which industry is evolving, businesses demand efficient and customised solutions in the shortest time possible. Here at Estanterías Record we are well aware of this issue and so we have equipped our manufacturing system with the operational flexibilityrequired to meet these demands. We have invested heavily in organisational approaches to planning and sequencing our production.Therefore, our plant can  flexibly develop more specific designs with the highest levels of quality assurance.




Estanterías Record aims to create a culture of innovation as part of our business strategy. This is evidenced by our commitment to technology throughout our manufacturing environment and the equipment we use to create and develop our design solutions.


Technological development is of fundamental importance in logistics. Companies try to optimise their investments through an increasingly evident commitment to technology in order to gain a competitive edge and obtain a better balance in terms of asset performance. The storage sector is especially well-suited to the implementation of progressive improvements that facilitate stock inventory, handling and management tasks. In this regard, Estanterías Record always offers their customers the most up-to-date, innovative solutions created with state-of-the-art technology.




Estanterías Record has firmly installed itself in the domestic and international market. As a global supplier of storage solutions, we have been positioning ourselves as a clear leader within the logistics sector thanks to the quality of our products and services, and our capacity to provide highly professional solutions to a wide variety of problems.


We can offer our customers the best possible coverage through our broad sales network, technical consultants, partners, agents and our own branches, thereby guaranteeing a rapid and efficient response to customers in both domestic and international markets. What is more, we have partnership agreements  with highly technically qualified major distributors who provide a well-coordinated service and personalised treatment to all kinds and sizes of company whatever their needs may be.


Internationally, we have strengthened our presence with the guarantees that our organisational policies have outlined in terms of monitoring defined goals and adhering to the commercial values embodied by our corporate identity.


We hold the belief that personalised attention should be flexible, direct and form the basis for a dynamic organisation that does not hesitate to undertake whatever is necessary to develop a commercial network capable of carrying its solutions wherever they are required and as quickly as possible.




Estanterías Record was founded in 1978. The company originally started out manufacturing small shelving systems for the domestic market and provided various services involving metal processing.


We later centred our product and commercial development on meeting the needs of the logistics sector, a constantly growing industry given that companies from all sectors need to increase their storage capacity and manage their stock more efficiently.


For the last 40 years, Estanterías Record has developed all kinds of projects for clients from a wide variety of sectors, meeting the individual needs of each specific case and situation; we have therefore gained valuable experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market which nowadays represents a very special endorsement of our excellent work.




In line with our enterprising spirit, at Estanterías Record we strive for continuous progress and improvement as a means to achieve excellence. This is a primary corporate objective that spearheads all of the company’s activities.


We still exert ourselves in the markets where we have already consolidated our position so that we may continue to improve and update our range of products and services with innovative and scalable solutions.


In international markets, we are continuing with our expansion projects to generate new business partnerships and therefore progressively extend our activity worldwide. In the countries where we have already established our presence, we continue to strengthen our commercial offer, which is endorsed by our customers’ loyalty.


Opting for storage systems by Estanterías Record shows a clear commitment to continuity, given both the technical level of our products and our status as a supplier of complete solutions that is devoted to its sector, is financially healthy and has a clear focus on and vision of the future.


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