ELEKTRA ANDALUCÍA is a young enterprise backed by Grupo Elektra and dedicated to the distribution of electrical materials. They arose in Seville in 2014 and currently have 52 branches distributed across Spain plus 5 international points of sale.

Thanks to their rapid and consolidated growth they will soon open a new facility in a strategic location based in Malaga so that they may meet their logistics needs more efficiently.

They have chosen Estanterías Record to develop every aspect of the storage system they need to manage their wide range of products at their new site.

This will help Elektra reinforce their themselves as leading distributors of electrical materials, primarily supplying industrial and residential sectors.


CUSTOMER requirements

The company has multiple storage needs as they work with a wide variety of products and some feature a diverse range of dimensions.

They required a picking areafor all the electrical components they work with and manage manually. In turn, they also handle other materials that stand out due to their bulky dimensions, such as reels of flexible tubing.

With respect to their needs for heavy goods, the company required a pallet storage area to cover the replacement of goods from the manual loading area.

Finally, and as an issue specific to the electrical supplies industry, Elektra required a large area for storing reels of electrical cable, which are typically heavy reels requiring a specific, customised means of storage.


RECORD’s solution

Considering Elektra’s diverse needs and the range of materials to be stored, Estanterías Record designed the installation of different storage solutions to deal with each of the specific storage requirements.

The different solutions were strategically located in the available storage space so that they facilitated the flow of both mechanised and manual handling, while always taking into accountemployee safety.

For the picking area, we installed manually loaded rows of shelving with 4 loading levels for straightforward day-to-day management and handling. This means that all of the lightweight goods can be located rapidly.

For materials with larger dimensions and to obtain maximum use of the warehouse’s space and height we installed an overhead loft above the manual loading area, thereby providing an open-plan and walkable storage area.

We chose to install nonslip, safety bar gratings for the walkable floor of the overhead loft. This material allows light to pass to the aisles below while also stopping items from falling.

The loft area was designed with two stairways so that it can be accessed from two different points of the warehouse.

The loft also had a central loading bay to provide access for pallets and bulky goods, while its entire perimeter was fitted with a safety guard and skirting. The loading bay was positioned facing the handling area for heavy and palletised goods where mechanical equipment will operate. This design improves the safety of each of the work areas.

To cover Elektra’s requirements for heavy loads, we installed a conventional pallet racking system for pallets as well as a racking system for reels to store spools weighing between 1,000 and 1,500 kg. These two systems were separated by a central aisle so both of them can be accessed at the same time.

We installed all of the storage systems in just five days so that the company could start to fulfil their customer’s outstanding orders as soon as possible.


CUSTOMER advantages

  • Customised solution designed to meet each requirement.

  • Various compatible solutions all in the same warehouse.

  • Maximum use of the space available.

  • Efficient management in each work area.

  • Selective access to each product.


PROJECT technical data

Manual loading with elevated aisles
Total linear metres: 1,230 m
No. of rows: 4
No. of aisles: 3
Loading levels: 4
Max. load per level: 300 kg
Max. load in elevated aisles: 500 kg/m²
Loading level materials: metal panels
Walkable surface materials: nonslip bar gratings


Conventional pallet racking
Capacité: 96 pallets
No. of rows:: 2
Total length: 22.5 m
Height: 5 m
Loading levels: 3
Max. load per level 3,000 kg
Max. load per module: 9,000 kg
Total max. load: 96,000 kg


Racks for reels
Capacity: 80 reels
Height: 5 m
Loading levels: 4
Max. load per level: 1,500 kg
Max. load per module: 4,900 kg
Total max. load: 98,000 kg