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estanterías record


Planning and Design


Estanterías Record relies on an expert team of professional technicians who perform a thorough evaluation of all the project-relevant factors to find the most appropriate solution in each case. Specifically, the following questions are particularly relevant:


  • Surface area available. The entire handling and storage plan is based around this essential element. The design must correctly take into account the area required by both the components of the storage system, as well as the space necessary for load handling equipment to circulate. The most efficient way of using the available surface area is a vertical storage system that comes with a full guarantee of safety.

  • Load-bearing capacity. Each project is calculated according to the required load-bearing specifications. The installation’s load-bearing capacity, appropriate operating ranges and weight limitations are fundamental parameters that have to be accurately determined to obtain maximum performance from the equipment.


Installation and Assembly


The implementation of a warehouse system that is perfectly in line with its planned purpose requires the efficient design of an appropriate solution and the use of high-quality materials; plus it must also be installed in such a way that it guarantees the system will function correctly.


The importance of correct assembly is vital not only to obtain the expected performance and avoid potential problems, but also for the safety of the goods and people who handle them.


Estanterías Record, making use of our extensive experience in the installation of all kinds of warehouse system, selects teams of highly qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the technical details of each type of system and therefore they guarantee installation work of the highest quality and the optimum result for the planned solution.


After Sales Mantenance


As racks are used continuously and/or sometimes incorrectly, then their components deteriorate with time and they lose some of the functionality or load-bearing capacity incorporated in their original design. This leads to a significant increase in the risk of accidents, with unforeseeable effects for both the shelving system and stored goods, as well as the employees working in the warehouse. Damaged components or which have received blows, even though the damage may not be visible, can generate dangerous stresses that compromise the storage system’s stability and, occasionally, this could even result in its sudden collapse without any prior warning.


As such the user is responsible for ensuring that their racking system is in good structural order and is used correctly. Therefore, Estanterías Record helps their customers meet these objectives by offering them various technical support and after-sales services. Amongst others, these include the following:


After Sales Guarantee


Estanterías Record offers the best AFTER-SALES GUARANTEE in the sector, with a maximum coverage period of 5 YEARS.


In order for us to cover a storage system with the relevant guarantee, besides considering the quality assurance processes concerning the manufacture of its structural components, each installed system must meet certain criteria: firstly, it must be assembled in accordance with the original design while strictly adhering to the procedural requirements; and secondly, it must be subject to proper post-installation maintenance.


Our company stands above the rest because of its clear and transparent approach to matters that are so very important to our customers, such as the ones being dealt with here.


Therefore, Estanterías Record offers a 5‑year guarantee against all manufacturing and assembly defects for the solutions we supply, so long as installation and maintenance services are performed by teams allocated by our company. If these services are provided by other parties, then the storage system will be guaranteed for 1 year and will only cover component manufacturing defects.


Technical Consultancy Service


In the context of Estanterías Record’s pre- and after-sales services, we are happy to help our customers with any questions they may have about storage systems in general, completely free of charge and without commitment.


Our technical department, comprising highly qualified professionals, will resolve any queries by applying their accredited skills, individual expertise and thorough technical knowledge, and by employing all the material and technological resources available to them.


Furthermore, our sales department has attained significant know-how from their extensive experience dealing with all types of problems regarding logistical handling – an unsurpassable tool when it comes to providing the right advice for the satisfactory resolution of even the most complex case studies.


Information will be handled diligently and meticulously in accordance with current legislation, above all in compliance with the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act and our internal privacy policy.


You may send us your technical query by means of the following link.


Technical Inspection


Trust in Estanterías Record’s vast experience to obtain a more efficient and safer warehouse thanks to our storage system Inspection and Maintenance Programme.


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