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  • 14/03/2019


At Estanterías Record, we continue to consolidate our presence in new markets. Accordingly, we will be taking part in the next International Fair of the construction and equipment for business development sectors, Batimatec 2019, to be held in Algeria between 24 and 28 March. The fair attracts national and international players from the sector and welcomed over 100,000 visitors...

  • 13/12/2018


At Estanterías Record we supply comprehensive solutions for all storage requirements, from our single shelves for basic requirements to more complex conventional pallet, compact, cantilever and mezzanine systems, etc. for customers in search of stronger solutions with higher capacities. 

On this occasion, we shall look at shelves for medium and light loads, usually loaded manually - a requirement easily covered...

  • 22/11/2018


As you already know, in November we attended the annual Logistics & Distribution show at IFEMA (Madrid). We would first of all like to thank everyone who visited our stand; it was a pleasure to share this interesting experience with you.  

At the show, we presented some of our more innovative proposals for optimising our customers' warehouses to help them...

  • 04/10/2018


What type of companies use conventional pallet racking?

Conventional pallet racking, also known as selective rack, is the most commonly used storage system. Countless companies use this solution, especially general warehouses.

It is suitable for large palletised loads, whether references are similar or not, as the shelves can be adapted to any type of product. The conventional pallet...

  • 27/09/2018


As the area used for storage is generally limited, users need to choose one of the different solutions offered to extend the space available. Top levels of shelves (pallets or manual loading) and mezzanines on pillars are high-performance options that multiply the useful area and they are much cheaper than making alterations to existing buildings or purchasing or renting new...

  • 31/05/2018


Our corporate culture has been forged over a long-standing career of more than 40 years in the market and is the reason for our firm's recognition today.

All Estanterías Record's business is based on sound fundamental values:

  1. Customer focus. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers' expectations with ideal storage solutions for each case.
  1. Immediate response. We...

  • 17/05/2018


Maintaining a prominent position in the storage logistics sector and meeting the requirements of an increasingly specialised and demanding market implies a commitment to the manufacture of excellent-quality products and the provision of high value-added services.

To provide the best possible service on each scenario, we have developed a portfolio of specialised services based on our supply of storage solutions...

  • 26/04/2018


In this post, we are going to talk about our Compact Pallet Racking System. This solution takes full advantage of the space available in the warehouse. It consists of rows of parallel lanes equipped with support pallets on both sides and to the full height of the structure so that the forklift trucks can drive into the structure to...

  • 05/04/2018


Warehouse management and maintenance is undoubtedly an important source of costs for any business. Optimization measures should therefore be taken to improve work processes and productivity.

If we analyse the costs of each of the activities that are carried out inside the warehouse, approximately 65% if them are based around just one activity: preparing orders. Specifically, order picking, the...

  • 22/03/2018

Our Conventional Pallet Racking System

We want to dedicate a blogpost to tell you more about our most popular storage system: the conventional pallet racking system. During the four decades that we have been working in the sector, we have perfected its design and features, making it the most versatile and efficient solution for managing bundled stock on pallets.

It consists of rows of racking...

  • 15/03/2018

Cross-docking is here to stay

Cross-docking is here to revolutionise the world of logistics and storage, guaranteeing customers minimum delivery times and distributors fewer storage space needs.

What is Cross-docking?

Cross-docking is a logistics model where products are unloaded from a lorry, van, railway carriage, container, etc., handled and immediately loaded onto the means of transport that will deliver it to the customer. The...

  • 08/03/2018

Technology ever more present in logistics

The technological revolution that we are living is having a more and more powerful impact in the logistics and storage sector. Companies are selling more products online and require better and quicker delivery services, which customers value, influencing their level of satisfaction with the seller.

What's more, many storage processes are becoming obsolete, leaving companies that traditionally lead their...

  • 01/03/2018

Estanterías Record to attend Batimatec 2018 Trade Show

BATIMATEC 2018 | 22 - 26 April | ALGERIA


On 22-26 April, Estanterías Record will be in the G2 Spain pavilion at the 21st Batimatec Trade Show in Algiers.

Batimatec, which is held once a year, has become one of the leading professional events for the Construction and Equipment sector for business and industrial development.

In 2017, this...

  • 15/02/2018

What are some of the most common warehouse problems?

Today we would like to talk about the most typical problems in the routine management of warehouses based on our experience and the conclusions we have drawn in meetings with our customers.

As we mentioned in a previous post, in recent years globalisation has irreversibly changed logistics, due to, amongst other things, our ever-increasing use of the Internet and big...

  • 26/01/2018

Good practices in warehouse management

We would like to dedicate this entry in our blog to the techniques, habits, tricks, etc. that our customers implement in the day-to-day management of their warehouses and which have a positive impact on their productivity and the level of service they offer.

Without publishing any industrial secrets, during our years working in the sector we have identified some common...

  • 25/01/2018

The importance of good warehouse management

We want to take this opportunity to dedicate one of the first posts in our blog to consider the current importance that logistics has acquired for the majority of companies. In many sectors, an unwise decision can ruin an operation or lead to the loss of a customer.

Throughout our 40 year trajectory we have helped companies from various sectors to...

  • 25/01/2018

Welcome to our blog

In 2018, we shall celebrate 40 years since we started operating with a clear objective; we want to create efficient storage systems which cover our customers’ needs regardless of the space available or the goods to be stored. Throughout these years of sustained effort we have managed to position ourselves as one of the sector’s leading manufacturers of metal storage systems...

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