Comline Ibérica is the Spanish subsidiary of the British multinational Comline Auto Parts which has partners throughout Europe. Their business activity is dedicated to the distribution of a wide variety of replacement parts for the automobile sector, with a strong commitment to continuously stocking at least 95% of all the items they sell.

The company was established in Spain in 2013 and had previously turned to Estanterías Record to refurbish their warehouse located in Getafe, Madrid.

Thanks to their constant growth in the Spanish market, within a few years they needed to increase their facilities by moving to a new 3,000 m² warehouse.

Comline once again placed their trust in Estanterías Record to design and install their storage system for this new project.


CUSTOMER requirements

Since Comline works with a high number of products that require continuous rotation, we designed a storage system that allows each product to be located quickly (generally small parts), while maintaining an efficient flow of both personnel and stock control and replenishment.

To complement the manual management system, the company also required a space dedicated to larger and heavier goods, as well as for the storage of palletised goods that would be used to maintain stock levels of each of the smaller products.


RECORD’s solution

Given the warehouse’s characteristics, particularly its height, we designed the installation of a manual management system consisting of manually loaded shelving combined with elevated aisles to meet the day-to-day picking requirements and take full advantage of the building’s height.

In a 212 m² area, we installed 11 rows, nine with double access, measuring 11 m long and with 18 loading levels distributed across the different elevated aisles, thus obtaining a total of 2,750 linear metres.

Access stairways and passages between the rows were located strategically to ensure a constant flow of personnel and so that each of the products can be located quickly.

Each of the aisles in the upper levels has its own access (loading bay) for loading, using mechanical equipment, palletised goods which are used to replenish the shelves.

Furthermore, each upper aisle was fitted with the corresponding safety elements and the end rows were closed with the installation of fall arrest netting to prevent any items from falling from the shelves.

We located a palletised goods storage area close to the manually managed shelving so that the continuous product rotation can be replenished from these pallets; it was also designed for the storage of heavier goods which have to be managed using mechanical equipment.

To this end, we installed 5 rows of conventional pallet racking, consisting of 9 m

high modules with 7 loading levels, giving Comline a total storage capacity of 2,633 pallets.


CUSTOMER advantages

  • Optimum use of the space available.

  • Efficient management of workflow.

  • Combination of complementary systems.

  • Stricter control of each product line.

  • Versatile use of each system.

  • Intensive flow of stock rotation.

  • One solution for each requirement.

  • Selective access to each product.


PROJECT technical data

Manual loading with elevated aisles
Total linear metres: 2,750 m
Total height: 12 m
No. of rows: 11
No. of aisles: 10
Accessible levels: 4
Access stairways: 8
Loading levels: 18
Max. load per level: 500 kg
Max. load in elevated aisles: 300 kg/m²
Loading level materials: metal panels
Walkable surface materials: nonslip bar gratings


Conventional pallet racking
Capacity: 2,633 pallets
No. of rows: 5
Total length: 367 m
Height: 9 m
Loading levels: 7
Max. load per level: 1,500 kg
Max. load per module: 9,000 kg
Total max. load: 1,316,000 kg