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Our corporate culture has been forged over a long-standing career of more than 40 years in the market and is the reason for our firm's recognition today.


All Estanterías Record's business is based on sound fundamental values:


  1. Customer focus. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers' expectations with ideal storage solutions for each case.


  1. Immediate response. We provide our customers with top professional services of high strategic value in the best response time in the sector.


  1. Flexibility and customisation. Each customer's needs are unique and therefore require unique responses. Estanterías Record can supply non-standard projects and customised solutions for specific or particularly complex problems.


  1. Systematic design. All our storage systems are modular, configurable and scalable, which means they can be adapted to our customers' growth rate and maintain the value of their investments.


  1. Commitment to innovation. Technological development is critical in our sector and strategic for improvements that help companies manage their warehouses better.


  1. Teamwork. The effort shared by every department involved in each project leads to the best solutions for our customers.


  1. Excellence as an integral manufacturer. Controlling the manufacturing processes of all the parts in our solutions catalogue and applying the same standards of excellence guarantees a coherent supply of products of high quality and high technical efficiency.


  1. Constant improvement. Our company's firm commitment to the continued development of management processes across the organisation leads to more efficient manufacturing procedures, better designs for safer, more reliable solutions, the provision of more competitive services and, in short, a better service for a demanding market that is continuously evolving.


  1. Transparency. Our customers are the unquestionable foundations of our business. We place priority on their purchasing decisions being based on objective circumstances and clearly defined requirements: accordingly, our proposals are extremely rigorous, truthful and transparent.


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