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At Estanterías Record we supply comprehensive solutions for all storage requirements, from our single shelves for basic requirements to more complex conventional pallet, compact, cantilever and mezzanine systems, etc. for customers in search of stronger solutions with higher capacities. 


On this occasion, we shall look at shelves for medium and light loads, usually loaded manually - a requirement easily covered with a tight budget.


When should you use manually loaded shelving?


This type of shelving is suitable for businesses in all sectors and of any size, mainly in retail. It is also very often used at larger companies, such as distributors, wholesalers and businesses with greater storage capacities.


The flexibility of this storage solution makes it suitable for many cases and a variety of requirements in all kinds of businesses in terms of the diversity of goods and logistics.  


What are the requirements for manually loaded shelving?


They must meet the following specifications:


  • Adaptable to any business requirements and space.
  • Safety, design compliant with applicable standards.
  • Easy access to goods.
  • Versatility to adapt to any product at any time.
  • Mobility and modularity for relocation or reconfiguration.


Shelving is one of the basic elements of a warehouse and it is essential to optimise workflows in order to reduce time and errors when selecting the goods to guarantee productive stock management.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for information you may need about the products and services we offer to improve your warehouse performance.


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