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As we mentioned in our previous post, current regulations stipulate the use of various protection and safety elements to prevent possible damage to storage equipment and to guarantee the safety of the stored goods and personnel. 


In this post we describe the following elements: 


Pallet stop beams

Standard UNE-EN 15629 states that the specifications for storage equipment include pallet stop beams. 




Pallet stop beams serve as a reference at the back of each loading level, thus helping to ensure pallets are positioned correctly and in constant contact with this safety element (rather than the load); this prevents incorrect positioning of loads and therefore reduces the risk of falling goods.


When the installation features these components, its design must take into account the thrust forces acting on the structure, as described in standard UNE-EN 15512. Forklift truck drivers must be correctly trained on the practical utility of this element; under no circumstances should pallets be deliberately or accidentally knocked or forcefully pushed into the stop beam.


Beam support for boards

A sufficient number of supports must be installed to prevent lateral–torsional buckling of the load surface. The board supports connect to both beams; this stiffens the structure and, thanks to their robust properties, helps increase the storage system’s load-bearing capacity.




 Additionally, for picking levels on tubular beams, board retainers designed to prevent boards from dislodging while handling goods must also be installed.


Frame extensions

To prevent goods or pallets from falling from higher levels and to increase the installation’s level of safety, taller frames can be included at the ends of rows and also in interior modules.




NTP 852 stipulates that end frames must extend at least 500 mm above the highest loading level, and interior frames 100 mm.


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