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Guiding Principles


Estanterías Record’s corporate culture is structured around some guiding values and principles which, over the course of our long history, we have used to construct our unique identity; our development and expansion have cemented the widespread recognition we currently enjoy throughout the sector as a reliable company.


The company is managed on the basis of some solid foundations upon which it has erected its corporate project:


Customer focus. At Estanterías Record we place the utmost value on our customers’ expectations; based on the dialogue established from their requests and our expertise gleaned from years of managing all types of storage problems, we can produce the ideal solution for each particular case while working in the framework of a close, open and professional relationship.


Our aim is to become the customer’s first choice and we hope they deposit their trust in a stable and collaborative relationship which generates a continued interest to form a long-term strategic partnership.


Corporate Commitment


In the framework of Estanterías Record’s corporate culture and as part of the implementation and development of our corporate responsibility, we declare our firm commitment to the following concepts:


Compliance with current legislation. Estanterías Record strictly adheres to the applicable local, national and international standards and legal requirements when carrying out their activities. All members of the organisation, in function of their level of responsibility and occupation, ensure compliance with legal regulations governing social, commercial and environmental matters, health and safety, products, and services, whilst also adhering to any other applicable requirements.


We condemn crime, fraud and corruption. Every facet of the company explicitly declares their total opposition to any type of irregular practice while performing our activities and in our relationships with our partners; furthermore, we do everything to prevent, detect and eradicate possible fraudulent behaviour, independent of its origin, means or scope.




For Estanterías Record, the customer is the main axis about which we base all of our activity. As the backbone and driver of our daily business, we are happy to dedicate ourselves to our customers and provide them with excellent service throughout our business relationship.


In particular, all the information made available to our customers, both personal data provided during electronic or personal exchanges as well as the contents of any documentation handed over, is completely thorough, accurate and transparent.


Data and information regarding the products and services we offer, terms of business, prices, etc., are totally reliable and accurate, thus any purchasing decision can be based on real and objective circumstances and requirements.


Certifications and Regulatory Framework


Estanterías Record develops structural storage systems and equipment for storing goods with very diverse physical characteristics, modes of access and logistical management requirements. We produce structures with three-dimensional stability by assembling the basic components and using specific connectors; constructively, they differ from traditional gantry structures because the vertical components are perforated along their entire length, connections are made with fixtures and they are generally constructed from thin-walled, cold-formed sections, with specifications that comply to specific design standards.


In this respect, the EN standards require further technical information in addition to requirements demanded by the Eurocodes. The Eurocodes are integrated European regulations drafted under consensus based on the interests of the national administrations with respect to each point and therefore they have a higher status than national regulations; they are designed as a comprehensive and updated framework for structural design and are applicable to storage systems.


Satisfied Customers


During our 40 years serving the market, at Estanterías Record we have developed a multitude of successful projects through which we have amassed our precious experience. Our satisfied customers include all kinds of companies, with different activities and magnitudes, and a highly diverse range of logistics needs and problems.


Open the link below to see a selection of the businesses that trust in our solutions for their warehouses:


Case Studies

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